Work Atmosphere
An employee-oriented culture is key to our success. From day one, we have utilized an extensive selection and recruitment process to ensure that we find the best candidates. We look for people who are dedicated to quality – individuals who recognize the importance of what they do and take pride in their efforts. While this may extend the time it takes to recruit, the payoff comes in extremely high retention.

The recruitment process is just the beginning. We work diligently at CTMS to ensure that our employees have a positive work environment complete with the tools they need for success. By focusing on serving our employees well, we further reduce the company’s turnover.

CTMS fosters an environment of continuous employee education. Each of our team members completes extensive training in the therapeutic areas where they work. This training is a part of our continual effort to ensure the highest quality data.

In addition to having a strong grasp on the clinical needs our clients present, we feel it is important for our employees to get to know our clients. This is one of the reasons we work so diligently to keep our teams intact. Having a greater knowledge of the way a client works helps to enhance communications and leads to greater efficiency within our studies.

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