At CTMS, we’re very proud of the lasting relationships we have built with our clients. Those who have worked with us have seen firsthand the benefits of our services. We also realize that a potential client may be able to gain a better understanding of our operation by looking at the numbers. Below are some of our key facts. We would certainly appreciate the opportunity to provide greater detail about our services and how we have achieved these distinctives.

Extraordinary Employee Retention
Since 1989, 100% retention
Clinical Project Managers
Clinical Data Management Project Managers
Clinical Director
CRA retention -- 93% in 2003.
Clinical Data Analyst retention -- 97% in 2003.
Company-wide retention -- 95% in 2003.
45% of our employees have been with CTMS more than 5 years.
Dedicated, Well-trained CRAs
All CRAs are full-time employees.
25% are senior level CRAs.
65% are certified by ACRP.
CRAs are assigned to no more than 2 projects at one time.
A Commitment to Integrity
We will not “staff up” for projects. CTMS takes on a project only after determining with a reasonable degree of certainty that the client’s expectations can be met.
Protocol specific training is implemented by our full-time Medical Director and full-time Training Associate for each project team.
Results That Speak for Themselves
Our 12-year average database error rate is 0.00087%.
Average time from last CRF in-house to database lock is 25 days.
Sponsor Satisfaction Survey Results:
3.9 out of possible 4.0 for Project Management.
3.89 out of possible 4.0 for Quality.
3.9 out of 4.0 for Meeting Milestones.
3.9 out of 4.0 for Overall Data Management.
3.82 out of 4.0 as "Not Just Another CRO".
100% of clients said they would work with CTMS again.
97% of our business comes from repeat or referred clients.
Fully validated automated Query Resolution System reduces query time.
Data Management System and Network is completely validated.
Average years of experience by position:
Project Managers = 9 years
Data Management = 7.5 years
Clinical Data Analysts = 4 years
Programmers = 8 years
Overall Clinical Data Project Manager average = 6.29 years

To learn more about CTMS, please contact ClientServices@ctmsinc.com.

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