Clinical Data Management
The results of a study are only as accurate as the data that is gathered. We go to great lengths at CTMS to ensure that the data we provide our clients is as reliable and accurate as it can possibly be. This is evident in our QA Error Rate, which is only 0.00087% on over 40 million data points.

Our team members have developed and implemented systems that ensure quality at every step of the data management process. Our data management system has been validated.

Our customers expect clean data, and that’s exactly what we give them. Further, we’re proud to say that we consistently provide this data on time and within budget.

The steps involved in the data management process at CTMS include:

A review of the clinical information prior to data entry
Entry screen development and database design
Data entry and verification
Visual audits
MedDRA coding of drugs, conditions and adverse experiences
Creation, programming and execution of computerized validations
Quality assurance audit
Final database releases in SAS Dataset or ASCII file formats ready for statistical analysis and report writing

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